dotahoebike2My name is Do Jun Lee and I am the author of Intersectional Riding.  I am an Assistant Professor at Queens College in the Urban Studies department and I am a bike activist with the Biking Public Project.  I completed my dissertation with distinction for a PhD in environmental psychology at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

I started Intersectional Riding to examine the complications, connections and contradictions of people, mobility, place and social justice.  I love both riding bikes and writing, and so in a way, this will be a sort of an embodied riding/writing project.  I often experience bicycling as a form of healing, a connection to place, and even as an act of resistance.  I hope my writing will help do so as well.

My research interests critically examine the connections of social justice, bicycling and sustainability.  My dissertation research will focus on a participatory action research project with food delivery cyclists in NYC to examine the cycling and working experience in the streets of NYC from the food delivery perspective.  This work investigates the intersections of low-wage informal employment, bicycling, immigration, policing, and street planning. My professional career has included work on grassroots sustainability issues for environmental nonprofits such as the Sierra Nevada Alliance, ISAR, and the Center for Safe Energy along with environmental consulting with the Eurasia Environmental Associates LLC and other groups.  In addition, I served as an environmental education Peace Corps Volunteer in Kazakhstan.  My previous degrees include a Master in Public Administration in Earth Systems Science, Policy and Management from Columbia University and a Bachelor of Arts in Molecular Cell Biology from UC Berkeley.

Link to my CV.

Thank you to my partner, Jennifer Smith, for her invaluable help to create this blog and her awesome editing of my first blog post.

A special thank you to the Biking Public Project for providing me with the beautiful bicyclist portraits that you see on the header.  The specific photos are credited to: Helen Ho, Shelma Jun, Mario Giampieri, Dmitry Gudov, and Dylan House.